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Paul Skeens has been in the mortgage industry since 1992. He resides in Charles County, Maryland with his wife and has four daughters.  Paul has been featured in numerous newspaper articles and national radio commentary shows. He has served as an expert witness for the Judiciary Watch, and has been consulted by The Federal Reserve Board on mortgage industry matters due to his extensive knowledge and expertise.

We run our mortgage business more like a doctor’s office rather than a bank. The goal, he says, “is to make sure clients get the best possible service, so we follow three simple rules:

·        Show up every day

·        Return all phone calls

·        Do what you say you are going to do””

Probably the single most important thing we would like our clients to know about Colonial Mortgage Group is this: “Before the housing boom we were experts in FHA & Conventional lending. Even though that market virtually died during the boom years, we continued to make these loans and stay current on these policies. This has been a huge benefit for our clients in the new much tighter lending environment that has emerged after the subprime collapse. We have been able to make FHA loans without interruption while so many of our competitors have either gone out of business or have been scrambling to understand these guidelines.  Many lenders can’t even get their loan officers licensed.”


Here’s what I think about me

My name is Paul Skeens, though my grandfather's name was Skarzynski.  I’m 50 % Polish but 100% American. I wasn’t very good in school but I loved sports. I played lots of basketball, football and golf and became pretty good at those games. I wasn’t physically gifted but worked very hard. I learned that through lots and lots of practice I got better. This became an important theme throughout my life.  I originally owned a landscaping company that I started when I was 17 years old. I sold the business and that property in 1992 and entered into the mortgage business. The main reason for the change was so I could spend more time with my family. My first daughter was born in 1992 and I was concerned that I couldn’t spend enough time with them. I run my mortgage business like a doctor or lawyer would operate a practice.

 I’m a very spiritual person and I pray every day. The Washington Redskins and Maryland Terrapins Rule. Golf is hard. I Love to eat, love to Barbeque. I work out most mornings, do sit-ups, and read the paper in between sets. I practice my golf swing in the basement and my wife hates it because it tears the carpet. There is a pond in my yard that we fish in. For years I would get my kids dressed in the morning, make their lunch and take them to school, making sure to be there for them. My wife is my partner, and I love her very much. I really enjoy family and community. I completely love my children, they are my best friends. We’re catholic and go to church on Sundays.


I have 10 people that work in my office and we get along pretty well. I don’t wear a suit or blue jeans to work. I love to solve problems and help people. I’m glad we are licensed in this industry and I support the continuing education requirements put in place after the great recession. It insulates the professionals in the industry from bad work habits and untrained people moving into the workplace. I don’t want to be something else, just the best mortgage lender in the country.


Give a consistent disciplined effort, no matter what.


Live Happy. 

Thanks for listening, Paul.