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How the split works
LO’s may earn as much as 250 basis points per closed loan. The compensation contracts are based on LO productivity and market conditions.
On-Line Encompass processing software
Set up Advantage Credit
46 Lenders
$395 Administrative fee may be collected from the borrower on the HUD-1
CMG pays the employer contribution taxes for w-2 disbursements and does not affect your split. (It is usually around 9.75%.)
Colonial Mortgage Group provides the following:
  1. Licensing department
    1. Licensing MD, DC, VA, and FHA
    2. Maintains broker licenses for each state.
    3. Maintains a list of states where you can originate.
    4. Updates you with continuing education requirements.
    5. Registers branch and LO as required by each state.
    6. Schedules your applications for license renewal.
    7. Updates licensing info and forms for each state.
    8. Hires and trains licensing department staff.
  2. Compliance department
    1. 100% Responsible for all sate, FHA and VA audits.
    2. Maintains every closed file for audit by state, FHA or VA.
    3. Hires and trains internal compliance auditors.
    4. Audits every pre-closing audit file and reports findings to LO.
    5. Audits all closed loans as final examination before LO is paid.
    6. Maintains up to date records for all state/FHA/VA regulations.
    7. Reviews all ad’s checking for compliance with state & federal law.
    8. Provides updated disclosures and other forms via Encompass.
  3. Recruiting Incentive Program
    1. You can receive $100 from CMG when LO signs the contract.
    2. $100 from CMG for each of their first 5 closed loans.
    3. $50 from CMG for each of their closed loans 6 thru 10.
  4. FHA/VA department
    1. Maintains required regional branch and licensing
    2. CMG Headquarters pulls case numbers
    3. Maintains all reports and records for FHA/VA compliance.
  5. IT department
    1. Provides processing software and tech support via Encompass.
    2. Web site with e-mail under construction
    3. Provides updated marketing and promotional resources.
    4. Provides technical support and training.
  6. Accounting services
    1. Payroll on Friday for loans that pass audit from that Monday
    2. Calculates, collects and pays all tax withholding.
    3. Responsible for administration of your office administration payroll.
    4. Holdover account available for Corporations
    5. Maintains payroll records for all employees.
    6. Prepares w-2’s.
    7. Compliance with all Fed/State tax collection and reporting.
    8. Manages client escrow and payments for 3rd party reports.
    9. Hires and trains accounting staff.
    10. Prepares corporate financial statements.
  7. Lender Relations
    1. Responsible for contracts with all Lenders.
    2. Assists lender with branch set up.
    3. Maintains all necessary LO passwords and ID’s
  8. Personnel Department
    1. Hires all CMG Employees
    2. Completes background and credit checks for all new employees.
    3. Maintains all personnel records for Fed/State compliance.
    4. Maintains accounts and information for medical insurance.
Call John Coller or Sabrina Sylvestre to get started. 301-932-4610

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